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Hydrophobic coating provides durable protection from the elements and makes cleaning easy as it repels dirt and water. Lasting up to 2 years!

Durable and long lasting solution, Extreme water and dirt repellent hydrophobic properties. Dirt will no longer attach. Washing and maintenance is much easier. Maintains your bike’s shine or matte finish for much longer



Silver package

  • Wash & Lube
  • Gear set
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake adjustment
  • Sealant checkup
  • General safety and test ride
  • R500.00 Excl. parts

Gold package

  • Wash & Lube
  • Gear Set
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake adjustment
  • Headset service
  • Hub service
  • Bottom Bracket service
  • Pivots Service
  • Sealant Checkup
  • General safety check
  • R850.00 Excl. parts

Platinum package

  • Wash & Lube
  • Gear Set
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake adjustment
  • Headset service
  • Hub service
  • Bottom Bracket service
  • Pivots Service
  • Sealant Checkup
  • General safety check
  • Fork service
  • Rear shock service
  • Brake bleed
  • R1400.00 Excl. parts

(applied by Bicycology with airbrush)

Standard Road Bike: R1600-00

*surcharge will apply for bikes with bigger frames such as Time Trial bikes and the like where we might need to apply more of the product compared to standard bikes.

Quote for surcharge to be advised on assessment if applicable

Standard Mountain Bike: R1800-00

*surcharge will apply for bikes with bigger frames or more components such as
dual suspention bikes and the like where we might need to apply more of the product
compared to standard bikes.

Quote for surcharge to be advised on assessment if applicable
R1400-00 per kit
R750-00 per setup *laser equipment used to exactly determine your correct positioning on the bike.
R250-00 per bike *this includes a bike was and degreasing of bike
R250-00 per bottle *Foam and Fix Shampoo – specifically to be used with the Hydrophobic Coating but can be used on all bikes

How does it work?

Hydrophobic coating also occurs in nature. Leaves of trees and plants repel water, causing drops to flow away. We call this the peeling effect.

We mimic this property with the Proteam Hydro Coating based on silicon dioxide. Surfaces treated with this coating are therefore highly water-repellent, less sensitive to pollution and therefore easy to keep clean.

By incorporating certain functional groups into the silicon dioxide, it is possible to chemically bind this substance to certain specific surfaces. Our coating is the first and only one specifically developed for bicycles.

The coating products based on silicon dioxide are highly hydrophobic. This water- repellent effect ensures that the contact surface between liquids and the surface is much smaller. As a result, water and dirt slide easily from the surface.

Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, it is very hard, practically insoluble and resistant to many chemicals. The ultra-thin layer formed with our coatings is extremely hydrophobic, long-lasting and invisible. Coatings with SiO2 are also called “Liquid Glass” coatings: the surface is provided with a glass layer on a nanoscale.

“Every day I cycle to and from work on my Cube road bike, I do not have much time for the cosmetic maintenance, therefore I am very pleased with the Proteam coating, my racer stays clean much longer and is very easy to wash” Rene Bakkum, Castricum

What are the advantages of the new generation of Proteam hydrophobic lacquer coatings compared to existing waxes etc ?:

  • Very durable solution, once correctly applied the coating will protect the paint and other parts on the bike for years.
  • Extremely water- and dirt-repellent hydrophobic properties. Dirt will no longer attach.
  • Washing and general maintenance is much easier.
  • Maintain the shine for much longer.
  • Matte paints continue to give a full luxury appearance for much longer

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Bicycle Care Hydro Coating

  1. Durable and long lasting solution
  2. Extreme water and dirt repellent hydrophobic properties.
    Dirt will no longer attach
  3. Washing and maintenance is much easier
  4. Maintains your bike’s shine or matte finish for much longer

How can we be of help?


Does the coating come with a guarantee/warranty?

If maintained properly it should last up to 2 years, using the official shampoo, but because we are not maintaining their bikes and it is not controlled by us, we can’t give a warranty as such.
If a person decide to wash the bike with a degreaser it will eventually wash the coating off, but even that will take a long time. The coating is a 9h hardness which is harder than the paint on a bike.


If I bring the bike to you for the coating, how long do you need it for?

We can technically get the bike and treat in the same day but it needs to cure for 12 hours after treatment with us.
You can then use the bike but it may only be washed / exposed to water after 72 hours. So for example, if you bring the bike to us at 13h00 tomorrow and we treat the bike the afternoon, you can collect with us the next day and use the bike BUT only wash the bike after the 72 hours of treatment. So we need your bike for a day.


Will you coat the bike as is, or would you need to remove some parts? Wheels, crank, handlebar, etc.?

We treat as is except for the chain we remove.
We remove the wheels to get into the tight areas, then put back the wheels for treatment on the rims and spokes. The rest of the bike is not disassembled.


Do you have DIY Kits and how difficult is it to DIY?

I’ts not brain surgeon stuff to apply and you get the full kit with everything you need (degreaser, applicators, shampoo, hydrophobic coating and manual to apply).
The biggest challenge is to properly clean your bike prior to application and with application apply evenly on all parts of the bike. We apply in the workshop with an airbrush to achieve that but one can do this by hand when doing it DIY by following the instructions carefully.


My bike has been going on for 4 years, is it still appropriate to use this product?

Irrespective of the age of your bicycle, the coating is an absolute added value.
The gloss of gloss-lacquered surfaces will increase and, in the case of a matt lacquer, the coating will restore the color depth and then protect it.


Can you confirm that it is also suitable for matt carbon?

Yes, carbon also always has a form of varnish or resin to protect it against UV rays, the coating can be applied without problems.


How many times can I treat a complete bicycle with 15 ml and how many times a year is this necessary?

15 ml. Is sufficient for 1 bike fully treated, the coating is applied very thin and is very economical in use.
After applying the coating, the bike is protected for a very long period of time, with proper application and maintenance with the Proteam Foam and Fix shampoo, a expected life of 2 years is certainly achievable.


How do I apply the coating?

You can do this in two ways: with a supplied applicator or an airbrush.
A complete manual is supplied with the sets and we have created an instruction video for our customers.


I do not have a password to watch the instruction video:

After ordering a complete Proteam Hydro Coating set, our customers receive various confirmation emails.
The password for the video is also included in one of those e-mails. So the video can only be viewed by customers. The passweord is also provided in all sets.


Do I have to dry the coating with an infrared lamp?

No, the coating must dry for 12 hours at room temperature, the infrared lamp only speeds up this process.


Can I simply wash and rinse the bike with a high-pressure cleaner?

Yes, a high-pressure cleaner can not have a negative effect on the coating and if the special maintenance shampoo is used during washing, this will support the operation of the coating.
However, we do not recommend that you wash your bike with a high pressure cleaner, as you can damage parts on your bike like seals etc. But the coating will not be washed off or damaged if you do use a high pressure cleaner. Dreft, Dasty, and other home-garden and kitchen resources are not recommended.


How long does the coating last?

If all steps are followed neatly, the coating will continue to work for up to two years.


Do I apply the coating on all surfaces?

No, the “soft” parts of the bicycle, saddle, handles, tires are not treated.
Also we do not treat resilient parts, driveline and disc brakes of the bicycle. But besides those parts, we apply the coating to everything.

Both my bikes (road & Mountain bikes) were coated with the Hydrophobic Coating applied by Bicycology! It works like a charm and protects my bike frame & paint as well as my bike components. Being a professional triathlete it is important to not waste time on simple things like bike cleaning but focussing on training as one have 3 disciplines to train and time is of the essence. With the hydrophobic coating I can do exactly that – cleaning is a breeze by rinsing off my bikes after training. Great product!

Adriaan Myburg

Quick and easy to deal with, with outstanding service and advice. The hydrophobic coating and the meticulous full service made my bike look and feel brand new. Bicycology took pride in going the extra mile. I would highly recommend them.

Cornel Rautenbach

Thanks Bicycology for my bike and helmet, best investment I have ever made in cycling ! 👍🏻💪🏻👊🏻

Gawie Le Roux

Another happy Bicycology customer 🚴‍♂️👏🏻⭐️🇿🇦 Get your bike coated to protect your asset! No fuss cleaning, increased protection, reduced drag – Race to your full potential! 🏆 #bicycology #argon18

Ian Blignaut

I recently had my bike coated with the Hydrophobic Coating applied by Bicycology and I am truly amazed with the end result. My bike literally looks new and cleaning is a breeze. I rinse off any dirt after use and it dries in minutes. Very convenient, quick and easy to clean and maintain. Occasionally I use the Fix & Foam Shampoo to maintain the coating. Great investment! Thanks Bicycology and keep up the good work. Jo Black

Jo Black


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